Building technology that powers out-of-this-world creativity

From custom software to prebuilt solutions, we craft VFX pipelines that allow studios to focus on the work that matters.

Services offered
Industry proven, prebuilt solutions for common compositing and production workflows.
Consulting services to get started or fill any gaps in your pipeline’s needs.
Development of custom software tailored to your studio’s needs.
Some of our work
Created a multitude of tools in RV to import context-dependent media into your current session, view media in the proper color, submit versions to Shotgrid, and post notes to versions in Shotgrid.
Gneiss Stuff
Designed and developed tools and workflows to convert and ingest media from clients and generate deliveries according to their specifications that were fully integrated with Shotgrid and AWS Deadline.
A few words from our founder
Thanks for stopping by! We've been developing pipelines in the VFX industry for over 6 years now and have had the enormous pleasure of providing our services to clients of all shapes and sizes. From robust pipelines crafted from the ground up to consulting services to get your pipeline running, our team has the skillset to get things running so you can focus on the work that really matters. 
Don't hesitate to connect with me on Linkedin or shoot me an email.
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